Whether you are searching for a truer faith, like-minded friends, a spiritual home or are simply curious, we're glad you found us online! We hope this site will help you learn a little about us, and if something resonates, we hope you'll decide to visit us in person soon.

One Service on Sunday morning starts at 10:00am.
Please join us!

Sunday, August 28, 2016
"Perfect Strangers"
Rev. Greg Ward, UUCV's new Interim Minister
Featured Musician: TBD










Find info about the Ministerial Search Committee in Settled Search.

2016 Annual Auction - Autumn Festival - lots of changes this year. Find out more. Sign up to host an event.


















Who are we? We are Unitarian Universalists.

We are non-creedal, that is, we do not require members to profess particular beliefs. We are united instead by shared values, which guide us in our daily lives. Our Principles and Sources articulate these values and our congregations have covenanted to promote them. They are nicely summed up in our Children's Affirmation: "Love your neighbor as yourself; search for truth with an open mind; make the world a better place. "



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