Dining for Dollars (D4$)

d4dlogo1215a 1Dining for Dollars, a very popular UUCV fundraising activity. Consider Signing up to host an event. The deadline for event submission is April 29th. Whether hosting or attending an event it's a win-win for all!

Silent bidding takes place in the Library May 6th, 13th and 20th.

How D4$ works:  Members of our UUCV family sign up to host an event at their own effort and expense.  These events are presented in a catalog so you can preview and plan.  Then at church on Sunday mornings you bid in a silent auction on your choices.  After the last day, when bidding has closed, winners are determined and sent a list of events they've won along with an invoice for payment.  Hosts receive a list of events they contributed with a guestlist for each. And our UUCV budget then says 'Thank you'!

It's fun to attend these events, but it's also fun to host.  It's a wonderful way to get better acquainted with fellow UUCV folks and at the same time benefit UUCV with additional income.  It's a win-win!  Please consider hosting for our 2018 D4$ by completing the Event Submission Form, or if your prefer,  hardcopy forms will be available in the foyer. The deadline for event submission is April 29th.

As usual lots of tasty and fun ideas will be offered. Be part of the action -- you'll want to make your initial bids, then return to ensure that you've done your best to win the events of your choice. Events often include several for folks with food sensitivities, some ethnic meals, excursions, some with a bit of culture, and always a chance to socialize more widely than before. What a super time to jump in and "make the world a better place".

Presented by the Fundraising Committeecontact fundraising@uucvan.org