2018 01 Chalice Circle Resources — Intention

Songs and MusicIntention1

One Life
James Morrison

Defying Gravity (cover)

"Something has changed within me/Something is not the same/I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game/Too late for second-guessing/Too late to go back to sleep/It's time to trust my instincts/Close my eyes and leap!"

Sleep When We Die - talk and song -- MUST WATCH!
(song starts at minute 12:20)

Musician and activist Kenna on speaks on purpose, intention and social change, and then sings a powerful version of his song, Sleep When We Die. A must watch and must listen! "I want you to like my music, but I want you to love my purpose..." "Entertain your crazy!"

100 Years (version one) 100 years (Version two)
Five for Fighting

"When you only got hundred years to live..."


Living With Intent - TED Talk
Mallika Chopra

A video celebrating everyday people doing everyday things with intention. And a reminder about three questions that determine the quality of our days: Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve?

Reinvent Your Life
Charles Bukowski

What Will Your Verse Be?

Excerpted from the film "Dead Poets Society
Intentionally choosing the "verse" that our lives will contribute.

The Power of Choice

The challenge of choosing growth or safety, and doing it with intention.

Choice & Doubting our Decisions
Alan Watts

The challenges of intentionality and the inevitability of doubting our decisions. What to do? Be gentle with yourself and treat yourself like a cloud!

Ten Minutes of Intentional Mindfulness - TEd Talk

Let Justice Roll!

Marble Collegiate Community Gospel Choir James Earl Jones, Narrator
Narration are excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King's 'Letter from the Birmingham City Jail'. 


Outside In - Invisibilia Podcast

This episode explores the effort to change oneself by intentionally changing one's outer circumstances. If you purposefully rearrange something on the surface, does internal change follow?


Am I in the River?
Myke Johnson

"The intention creates its own magic..."

Intentionally Talking to Our Children About Difference


The Power of Habit
Charles Duhigg

How to intentionally change your habits and take back your life.

The Art of Pilgrimage
Phil Cousineau
(Using intention to bring a new perspective to everyday "journeys.")

"Phil Cousineau invites us to extend our vision of pilgrimage to something beyond an actual journey to Jerusalem, Mecca, or Machu Picchu. He invites us to think about unique times or stages in our lives that might hold a special difficulty. Perhaps extended time at the bedside of a loved one in hospice could be seen as a pilgrimage of sorts. Or walking with a child through a health crisis, or a learning challenge. Maybe a short-term job assignment, or an unwelcome task that comes our way could be reframed in this way. Perhaps even just a regular day on the calendar could be reimagined."

Where We Belong
Hoda Kotb

From a review: "Kotb writes about individuals who realized their path in life was either veering off in a completely new direction or was getting too far off course from where they knew they belonged. By following their passions, their gut, and their heart, these people intentionally took their life in a new and more meaningful direction. From the investment banker who became a minister after years of working on Wall Street, to the young woman from a bluecollar background whose passion took her to Harvard Medical School, to the high-powered PR exec who found herself drawn to a pioneering residential community, to a "nokids" guy who now helps children all over the world."

The Miracle of Mindfulness
Thich Nhat Hanh

Offers reflections and practical exercises as a means of learning the skills of mindfulness.



A story about moving from wandering through life to living it intentionally.

A clip:


The story of Jackie Robinson and unfailing intention, endurance and belief in one's inherent worth.

Field of Dreams (PG)

A classic on the theme of faith and intention: "If you build it, they will come."Intention

Billy Elliot

A young miner's son's intention to become a ballet dancer changes his life, and the lives of those around him.

Ratatouille (G)

A tiny rat with the big intention to become a gourmet chef. What else is there to say?!