Childcare for Events

ChildWProjectUUCV Nursery and Child Care

Nursery care or RE programming is available year round at all Sunday services for young children up to the age of six. For more information about our yearly program offerings please visit our our online guide to bringing children to UUCV.

We encourage families to be together as much as possible at UUCV. However, childcare may be available for some events held at the UUCV. Event coordinators hoping to provide childcare must notify the DLL of this desire at least three weeks in advance. Parent reservations for events outside of Sunday morning programming must be made to the DLL at least one week in advance. We must have RSVP's from at least two families before we can provide childcare and two childcare providers must be available to staff the event.

Please contact the DLL, Amy Brock at for more information related to childcare at UUCV. The following general guidelines may also be helpful:

Childcare/Sitter Guidelines for Event coordinators, Parents, and Staff