Homelessness -- Share House/WHO

Meals at Share Houseshare-volunteers-feature

Some folks prefer to be "hands on helpers" rather than just write checks. One opportunity is to join with other church members to work at Share House Meals for about four hours on the first Monday each month. Volunteers fix and serve meals, doing whatever is necessary based on the available contributions. There's a free lunch and opportunity to converse with like-minded individuals while you're there. Volunteer Wanda York says, "We, who work there, really enjoy being there." Right now, they're looking for people who are willing to come occasionally as a substitute.

To help in this way or for more information, please contact coordinator Frances at ShareHouseProject@uucvan.org

WHO01Winter Hospitality Overflow Shelter

UUCV volunteers participate in the Winter Hospitality Overflow (WHO) program. This involves staffing overnight housing (warmth, a shower, safety, bedrolls on the gym floor, snacks and breakfast) for homeless women and families, hosted at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church in the Orchards area. In January and February of 2017 47 UUCV volunteers worked over 300 hours at the St. Paul's and St. Andrew's overflow homeless shelters.

In 2018, UUCV will host WHO services from Sunday, February 11 through Sunday, February 18 at St. Andrews.

For more information, contact WHO@UUCVan.org.  

There's also City of Vancouver program information, including training resources, on the Vancouver WHO Program website. 



Organize at Warehouses

Clark County Food Bank: If you would like to help our neighbors in the fight against hunger and food insecurity, come join our group at the Clark County Food Bank. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month from 2 - 4 PM to sort and re-bag donated food so it can be distributed to and persons in need.

Share Warehouse: Meet at the Share Warehouse on the third Thursday of each month from 10 AM until noon to help sort and organize donated items at the Warehouse on Andresen Avenue. These items go to local schools and organizations to assist those in need.