Upcoming Sermons

Our church services are at 9:30 and 11:15 am through the year until Memorial Day.

March 25 • #Neveragain: Balancing Safety and Freedom • Rev. Kathryn Bert & Dan Colón

2018-03-25 safety-vs-freedomWe celebrate the youth who took tragedy and pain and turned it into action demanding changes to gun laws and a great cultural shift away from violence. How do we support their courage? How do we balance safety with freedom? What actions do we each take to demand changes in our laws and in our world? What next?

April 01 • What Wondrous Love • Rev. Kathryn Bert & Gretchen Meyer

Stories of death and resurrection fill our history and can renew our lives, filling them with meaning, purpose, and love.

2018-04-01 resurrection lily