Our philosophy: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, Redistribute, then Recycle.

Now open on Sundays from 10:00 am-1:00 pm (except holidays), and accepting more plastics than ever!

Pick up a complete list of acceptable materials at the Beyond Curbside shed or view the list below.

Our UUCV Green Team maintains a “Beyond Curbside” Reuse collection program located in a small shed on the Southwest corner of our paved lower parking lot. Beyond Curbside’s mission is to reduce waste and give our cast-offs a higher purpose. We offer a place to collect specific reusable items for donation to local non-profit organizations. Our volunteer sustainability “Angels” sort materials and/or deliver them for reuse, up-cycling or local recycling.

Slots on the North side of the building are open for donations after Sunday services. The door to the building is locked during the week. A volunteer is available to help and answer questions. Tours for individuals or groups may be arranged by appointment by contacting beyondcurbside@uucvan.org.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Use your Big Blue recycling bin where you live. (Never put plastic film in the bin).
  2. Bring additional recyclables that don’t go in Big Blue to our Beyond Curbside Shed on the SW corner of our paved parking lot during our open hours.

We welcome and train new Recycling “Angels,”- please join us! Our volunteer sustainability “Angels” sort materials and/or deliver them for reuse, up-cycling or local recycling. Find out more on our volunteering page and be sure to email beyondcurbside@uucvan.org.

Beyond Curbside FAQS

Q. Can I bring all my recycling to UUCV?

A. Although you will see several Waste Connection recycling carts and trash bins near the Beyond Curbside Recycling Station, those bins are for trash generated at UUCV only. We cannot handle the quantity of everyone’s personal trash and recycling.

Q. What can I recycle curbside?

A. Visit the Waste Connections website to find out what you can recycle curbside.

Q. Why does everything have to be so clean?

A. Clean materials keep your Big Blue cart and our UUCV recycling station odor-free and pest-free. Clean materials make sorting much more pleasant and sanitary. Actual humans handle your recycling donations so please be kind and make sure all items you recycle are CLEAN! Clean makes for a higher quality batch of recycling resource material, which makes recycling a more economic venture and brings more money into the Clark County coffers. It’s a little more work, but it’s a winning proposition for the interdependent web.

Q. Where can I take additional materials for recycling?

A. Check out Clark County Environmental Services for additional places to take things for recycling.

Q. Where can I take plastic film?

A. Most grocery stores have a bin near the entrance to collect used, clean grocery bags and other plastic film, including bubble wrap. (Tip: if it stretches, its recyclable) Please do not EVER put it into Big Blue – it wreaks havoc with the recycling process.

Q. Do I need to remove labels and stickers from plastic film?

A. If you cut and toss labels stuck to plastic film into the trash, the remaining film is a better quality raw material. Hats off to you! If that feels above and beyond what you’re willing to do, the recycling process will be able to handle it.

Q. Where else can I recycle clean, clear #1 plastic clamshells?

A. New Seasons is accepting these.

Q. What holidays we closed for?

A. For 2024, we will be closed on the following holidays:

Mar. 31-Easter
May 12-Mother’s Day
May 26-Memorial Day Sunday
June 16-Father’s Day
Sept. 1-Labor Day Sunday

Still have questions?

Thank you for helping to save our natural resources for future generations.