Waste reduction to the MAX!

Now open on Sundays from 10:15 am-1:00 pm (except holidays), and accepting more plastics than ever, including block Styrofoam and #1 clear, un-tinted plastics!

Pick up a complete list of acceptable materials at the Beyond Curbside shed.

Our UUCV Green Team maintains a “Beyond Curbside” Reuse collection program located in a small shed on the Southwest corner of our paved lower parking lot. Beyond Curbside’s mission is to reduce waste and give our cast-offs a higher purpose. We promote Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, then Recycle. We offer a place to collect specific reusable items for donation to local non-profit organizations. Our volunteer sustainability “Angels” sort materials and/or deliver them for reuse, up-cycling or local recycling.

Slots on the North side of the building are open for donations after Sunday services only during these specific hours: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The door to the building is locked during the week. A volunteer is available to help and answer questions. Tours for individuals or groups may be arranged by appointment (contact beyondcurbside@uucvan.org).

We welcome and train new Recycling “Angels,”- please join us!

Contact: beyondcurbside@uucvan.org.

Beyond Curbside Waste Reduction

We encourage you to maximize your curbside recycling by following the pictorial directions on your Big Blue recycling cart sticker. Then, to extend the practice of recycling and repurposing, bring additional items that are on the list above, to the UUCV Beyond Curbside Reuse Collection shed, and our volunteers will see that they get the best possible new life! Our Green Team Delivery “Angels” monitor the collection bins and when bags or bins are full, take the material to places where it can be reused or “up-cycled” into usable products.

Never put plastic film or bags into your Big Blue Cart! Stopping the recycling machines to remove bags caught in the conveyor belts costs the city and the county (and consequently all of us) lots of money. The more careful and cleaner we are with our recycling, the more funds will be available for better uses.

Note that we only accept CLEAN items. Please do not drop off anything else. If it’s dirty or not what we can accept, it goes in the trash or we have to haul it away.

Did you know? Most of the plastics you put in Big Blue are bundled up and shipped overseas for remanufacturing. A small amount of contamination is accepted but currently, China is not accepting materials shipped from the U.S.A. due to the high amount of contamination in our shipments.

Our Beyond Curbside recycling program conserves our country’s resources and reduces toxic pollution by diverting some of those materials to places where they can be reused or remanufactured here in the USA.

Some of what we collect (plastic planting pots, aluminum cans, and scrap metal) can be recycled curbside but when brought to Beyond Curbside, we ensure the safest and highest purpose end-use we know of for the material. Note that some plastic materials are so toxic it is not healthy for people or the environment to recycle them. #3, #6 and #7 plastics fall into this category. Please try not to buy items with these numbers on them and never cook foods in any kind of plastic!

“Take It or Leave It” Packing Supply Reuse Program

One bin at Beyond Curbside is for the collection of packing supplies that can be reused. We encourage the congregation to visit the shed during open hours and take and reuse these materials instead of buying new. This allows for one or more extra uses of the material before it is recycled. Bring clean, bagged Styrofoam packing peanuts, air pillows and bubble wrap that can be reused for mailing packages. We monitor the bin so it does not overflow and take the excess to a local mailing facility that is willing to reuse it as long as it is not soiled.

CraigsList auction site is a good way to dispose of used moving boxes and some other materials for reuse. Clark County Green Neighbors hosts occasional special recycling collections. Check out the Clark County Recycling A-Z website and the Waste Connections website for more information.

Beyond Curbside FAQS

Q. Can I bring all my recycling to UUCV?

A. Although you will see several Waste Connection recycling carts and trash bins near the Beyond Curbside Recycling Station, those bins are for trash generated at UUCV only. We cannot handle the quantity of everyone’s personal trash and recycling.

Q. What can I recycle curbside?

A. Visit the Waste Connections website to find out what you can recycle curbside.

Q. Why does everything have to be so clean?

A. Clean materials keep your Big Blue cart and our UUCV recycling station odor-free and pest-free. Clean materials make sorting much more pleasant and sanitary. Actual humans handle your recycling donations so please be kind and make sure all items you recycle are CLEAN! Clean makes for a higher quality batch of recycling resource material, which makes recycling a more economic venture and brings more money into the Clark County coffers. It’s a little more work, but it’s a winning proposition for the interdependent web.

Q. Where can I take additional materials for recycling?

A. Check out Clark County Environmental Services for additional places to take things for recycling.

If you have an upcoming craft project and wish to use recycled materials please let us know so we can collect it for you or help you find out how to get it! Also, if you have any questions about our recycling system, please DO ask! Contact greenteam@uucvan.org.

Thank you for helping to save our natural resources for future generations. Please continue to Reduce, Reuse, Redistribute, Repurpose, Repair, then Recycle!