You can reach pastoral care by calling the church and leaving a voicemail on extension 2. The pastoral care team member on call will return your call as soon as they can.

Pastoral Care Team

This team is a dedicated corps of big-hearted people who attend to the congregation’s pastoral ministry, under the minister’s guidance. In times of illness or injury, personal tragedy, or major life transitions the Pastoral Care Team makes contact and expresses genuine care, whether by a card, a call, or a visit. Team members are good, supportive listeners, but are not in the counseling business.

In addition to offering listening, the team:

  • offers education and support for pastoral issues, such as local support groups, community resources, and literature;
  • works with other volunteers to assist with hospitality for memorial receptions
  • works with our Hearts and Hands team to arrange for practical help in time of crisis – usually meals, occasionally other things such as loaning out our limited supply of medical equipment;

About Confidentiality: All pastoral information will be shared with the minister and confidentially (unless specifically restricted) other team members. Information gained from “public” sources (like Joys & Sorrows) may be shared freely, but special care will be taken with what has been gained from a private communications. Team members will ask what is okay to share broadly within the church community.

About rides: It is a lovely thing for congregants to help one another by giving a ride to church or to an appointment. It is a more complex matter for the church to arrange rides. At present, the H & H Team does not arrange rides.