Frequently Asked Questions – First Time Visitor

We hold worship at 9:15 and 11am most of the year and at 10:30 am during the summer. You can participate in-person or watch or livestream online. For your first service in-person, we recommend arriving about 15-20 minutes beforehand. A greeter will answer any questions and orient you. We have social hour after each worship with coffee, tea, and conversation in RE Main. Learn more about worship here.
We offer childcare for babies and children under 6 in the nursery at both services. Religious education for school aged children ages 5 & up takes place during the 11 am service. You do not need to fill out any forms before your first visit. You can find more information about programming for children and youth here. Most Sundays, school aged children start in the sanctuary with their parents and leave together after the Story for All Ages.
Our Sunday morning dress ranges from casual to somewhat dressed up. Jeans, shorts, sandals, and flip flops are totally fine, as are suits and dresses. Wear what feels right for you.
The Greeters will invite you to make a name tag each visit. It is our custom to wear name tags to help us learn each other's names, and to avoid embarrassment when we forget names! When you no longer consider yourself a "visitor," we invite you to sign-up for a permanent name tag at the greeter table.
If you'd like to watch online instead of attending in-person, you can watch our livestream on Sunday mornings. We use zoom and a virtual usher will be available in the chat to answer your questions. You can find the details about how to join the livestream in our weekly newsletter.
The easiest way is to fill out a new visitor form so we learn how to best connect with you. On that form you can request an information packet and sign up for our online newsletter. We offer opportunities to connect in person and online. Ready to dive in? You can find ways to volunteer here and upcoming events here. You can also explore our path to membership classes or our small group ministry program called chalice circles.
During worship ushers will come by with baskets for the offering. Funds from these collections are shared through our Change for the World program. Sometimes a special offering will be held on a specific week and announced from the pulpit. If you would rather donate 100% to the church, you can include a note with your offering or donate online here.