Each year we have two main fundraising events: Dining for Dollars and an Auction.

Dining for Dollars is a series of events hosted by congregants either at their home or in a public space. They usually involve a meal or a fun activity and you bid on the events that speak to you. Have an idea for our next round of Dining for Dollars? Email fundrasing@uucvan.org.

The Auction is a gathering of talents, treats, and treasures that anyone bid on. We have done both in-person and online auctions. Who knows what we’ll come up with next! Don’t worry about when it is, you will hear about it – we promise!

If you find yourself excited about gathering people in a way that supports UUCV as a whole, consider trying out the Fundraising Committee. Let leadershipdd@uucvan.org know that you are interested in this part of church life.