Our mission statement, adopted by the congregation is:

At UUCV, we come together to deepen our spiritual experience and philosophical understanding, grow a vital, nurturing community, and act on our values in the wider world.  Over time we have informally shortened it to say:  We come together to deepen our spiritual experience, grow beloved community, and act on our values in the wider world.

To equip ourselves to live out this mission we are guided by our Congregational Covenant, adopted in 2017:

As members of UUCV, we commit our best efforts to inspiring and supporting each other in our quest for truth, meaning, and compassionate community.

To that end:

We aspire to practice acceptance

  • by valuing our differences, 
  • by understanding each of us is acting to meet legitimate needs and 
  • by seeking progress, not perfection. 

We work to nurture healthy relationships

  • by listening wholeheartedly,
  • by upholding our personal boundaries and respecting others’ boundaries and
  • by addressing conflict in a timely way.

We intentionally join ourselves in community, for we are stronger together. Therefore, we seek to

  • honor the dedication and work of our volunteers,
  • put the good of the congregation before personal preference and
  • celebrate the moments when we bring each other joy, comfort, and hope.

May it be so.