Our small-group ministry program offers a space to learn and grow through honest personal reflection and open-hearted listening. A trained facilitator will guide the group discussion to create a welcoming space for conversation and exploration and uphold the Chalice Circle Covenant.

Each session, no matter when it is scheduled, lasts two hours and begins with a chalice lighting and opening words, followed by a time for personal check-in. There is a shared reflection reading on the topic for that session, and then the facilitator introduces a variety of questions to spark discussion.

The Chalice Circle program typically runs fall to spring (7-9 months) with groups of 6 to 10 people meeting once a month at the church, online, or in members’ homes. Some years, a shorter winter program is available, running January through May. During the summer, a shorter series or one-time Chalice Circles may be offered. Sign-ups for all these programs are advertised in the Weekly Bulletin.

Contact chalicecircles@uucvan.org for more information.

This Year

For the 2023-2024 program year, Chalice Circles will meet October to May. Groups are meeting in person and via Zoom. More details will be available when sign ups happen in September. Look for details in the Weekly Bulletin.

Related support teams are:

Planning Team: develops the readings and questions for each session; implements strategies to help the program be accessible to the widest possible audience, and promotes equity in our methods of signing up for Circles

Circle Facilitators: lead Circles, participate in training, and meet as a group throughout the year for support and guidance