Speaker: Emily Layfield

Explore Life Through the Lens of Alex Dang

Award-winning Slam poet Alex Dang’s poems reflect powerfully on the internal experience of navigating external expectations, with some works including “What Kind of Asian Are You?” and “Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl” He has strong opinions about burgers. He wants to know what your favorite song is.

Freedom from Evil

The term “collective liberation” has taken hold as we recognize the complicated and related oppressions that plague our societies. “Liberation theology” is the name of a particular theological framework for achieving collective liberation. This service will unpack some of these terms so that we might free ourselves and our world.

May Nothing Evil Cross this Door

When the hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, was published in 1993, the hymn by that title was the most sung hymn by our congregations (thus printed as the first hymn in the book). What did we mean by it when it was sung prior to 1993 and what do we mean by it now?

Silence, Peace, and War

What is the place of silence in a world at war? As we enter this holiday season, wars are raging and violence abounds. How do we work for peace and the cessation of violence? How do we find peace and silence?

Abetting Creation

Annie Dillard says we are here to “abet creation and to witness to it.” How do we help the world along? What does the world need that we can offer? Does it even matter?