Speaker: Ronnie Mars

The Music of Stillness

Inner peace is one of the goals of spiritual practice. Sages and prophets have used silence to achieve that internal peace. By silencing the surface chatter, we can begin to hear a deeper voice. Silence is our theme this month, and we begin by exploring … read more.

The Unsung Hymnal

We’ve had our hymnal for over 30 years, but how many hymns do we really sing? Does what we sing reflect who we are as a people? We will be exploring the reasons why we don’t sing many of our hymns, and how that says … read more.

Across the Atlantic

The African diaspora via the slave trade brought sacred wisdom to the United States which wove into the history of Christianity in this country. We’ll celebrate Juneteenth by looking at the spiritual lives of Black folks during the time of slavery.

… read more.

So Another Thing May Happen

Every minister seems to have at least one sermon on change; this is Rev. Monica Jacobson-Tennessen’s version. Come look at change through the lenses of humor, humility, and love as UUCV enters into summer worship during this sabbatical season.