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We celebrate a different rhythm to our lives in the summer, generally. Let’s reflect on the invitation to a slower pace that summer can bring. This service will feature more poetry and silence than usual.

Community Sunday

We celebrate our community by welcoming new members to it, thanking our volunteers, and preparing for a congregational meeting. Join us for the culmination of our program year as we ease into summertime.

Explore Life Through the Lens of Alex Dang

Award-winning Slam poet Alex Dang’s poems reflect powerfully on the internal experience of navigating external expectations, with some works including “What Kind of Asian Are You?” and “Times I’ve Been Mistaken for a Girl” He has strong opinions about burgers. He wants to know what your favorite song is.

Where Are We Going?

This is the fourth and final in a series of services about our individual and collective spiritual journeys which come together in the Unitarian Universalist Association. We will explore a bit of Association Governance and Bylaws as next month’s General Assembly will consider a change from “principles” to “values” in Article II.

All Ages Flower Festival

Bring a flower this morning, or send in a photograph (, to celebrate our uniqueness and beauty; how we are each different and yet belong together. This service is more interactive and appropriate for children of all ages.

What Keeps Us Here?

What is the blessing of our theology? What about our faith holds us? How does Unitarian Universalism keep us going in tough times? Be sure to join us between services for a special Election Meeting held by your Board of Trustees.